• Thank you for helping me stand in my power. Y’all are the best at time when I feel stressed. I think about how much I could use some Reiki from you both. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this family. I remember experiencing psychic attacks and I love how Nichole straight up told me to tell the negative spirits to F**k off! Which felt silly at first but improved my life so much. While it is difficult to accept at times I appreciate the tough love and overall mama bear energy you direct towards me. Much love and gratitude! - SL

  • (Melissa is) Such a powerful healer. Thank you. ~Anonymous

  • Excellent products and wonderful service! ~ML

  • Nichole is an amazing teacher and intuitive coach. Learning Reiki I, II, and III has had a profound experience on my life and set me on a path of lifelong healing and expansion. Melissa’s products are so pure, so loving, and such high quality. I trust her knowledge and recommendations implicitly and will continue to purchase for years to come. Fire cider saves me in the winter when colds tend to circulate and her calendula face oil is another favorite. I also love her Reiki healing touch - my lower back pain always feels much better afterward.  ~ KN 

  • The sense of peace is palpable when you walk in to the shop.   Their crystals and stones are clear and clean energetically and all their offerings are beautifully curated. ~DL

  • Nichole's knowledge is so vast, it seems that no question can stump her. She eloquently presents this intense information in a safe and tranquil method which eliminates any doubt or discomfort. Truly an amazing experience which will bring me to continue on this journey where I will take more certifications with Nichole. ~ Anonymous

  • I am so glad to be on this journey and to have found Nichole as a teacher, she is a pleasure to learn from ❤️ ~ Anonymous

  • Oh my goodness, I’ve enjoyed every class and every crystal bracelet and necklace, book, etc. I guess I could go on and on. I enjoy the spirit in your space. I feel like every time I walk in there was this warm spirit welcoming me, kinda like church in a way. As an older woman (61) and having not learned any thing about all the wonderful things you two teach, you both convey your knowledge in such a kind way! (No judgement) Love to you both! - PC

  • The circles are amazing, not what I ever expected, and are cathartic. The altars were always beautiful and the smells when you walk in always make you feel “ familiar.” - AML