Private Yoni Steams with Alchemy Herbalist, Melissa Manto
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Private Yoni Steams with Alchemy Herbalist, Melissa Manto

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Starter Steam

New to steaming? This is for you! We walk you through the entire process. Wrap yourself in a luxurious robe while you sip tea during your steam. Its time to pamper the most sensitive part of your body! 40 minute session (15-20 min steam time) $45

Self Love Steam

Self Love Steam is a blend of organic herbs & flowers selected to promote a sense of opening & love. Charged with Rose Quartz. Enjoy this steam while surrounded with Rose Quartz healing stones & sipping herbal tea. Self-Love Steam is a 1 hour session (35 minute steam time) for $75

Cycle Ease Steam

Need relief from cycle discomfort? Cycle Ease Steam is formulated for your needs. Our herbalist will customize herbs just for you. Sip on tea while you relax! Cycle Ease is a 1-hour session (35 minute steam time) $55

Fertility Steam Package

3 steams (3 Sessions over 3 cycles) to prepare your womb for pregnancy. Preparing your Yoni & womb for pregnancy is often overlooked, but its one of the most important! A custom blend of organic herbs to help shed & release (physically & energetically), & promote the healthiest tissue to encourage a successful & healthy pregnancy. *We recommend steaming 2 months prior to conception. Please email us if you have any questions. Includes Reiki & Sound Healing $333

Goddess Steam Package

1 hour sessions (40 minute steam time) The Goddess Steam is a luxurious blend of flowers & herbs to awaken the inner Goddess inside of us all. Intoxicating floral steam will connect you & your Yoni at a deeper level. This steam is perfect for the Goddess reconnecting with her higher self, or the next step after experiencing the Self Love Steam.  Goddess Steam Package: 3 Sessions for $222

Combination Services

  • Yoni Steam & Reiki (1 Hour) $111
  • Yoni Steam & Sound Healing (1 Hour) $111

A gentle blend of herbs will be formulated for the most relaxing experience for your Yoni Steam & Reiki/Sound Healing Session. (30 Minutes of Reiki or Sound Healing, 30 Minute Steam)

*Before purchasing your steam, please email us at for an intake form. Approval by our Herbalist is required as your safety is our priority. Thank you!