Yoga Mat Cleanser | Raven Apothecary
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Yoga Mat Cleanser | Raven Apothecary

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Raven Apothecary | Yoga Mat Cleanser

This crafted, Amethyst infused Yoga Mat Cleanser is just what you need to keep your mat clean & fresh!

Made with pure, Organic Witch Hazel that was hand harvested & made slowly in small batches & the purest essential oils, this is a cleanser you can feel good about!

Spray on your yoga mat before & after to detoxify & disinfect. let dry before use.

You can also use it as a room or linen spray. The uplifting & cleansing blend of Lavender, Tea Tree, & Lemongrass is balanced out with Rosemary & Clove to create a grounding aroma.
4oz Amber Glass Spray Bottle

Gently shake/swirl to activate. 

Contains Pink Himalayan Salt & Amethyst  

Crafted in Simpsonville, SC for Raven & Moon, LLC