Reiki I Training & Certification: January 21st, 10am-6pm
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Reiki I Training & Certification: January 21st, 10am-6pm

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Join Reiki Master & Instructor, D. Nichole Martini for a day of learning about the philosophy, history, & practical applications of the healing practice of Reiki. Includes Reiki I Certification.

Reiki is the practice of accessing universal life force energy. It is a healing modality that can activate a more vibrant life, heal the physical & subtle bodies, remove blockages, & create more freedom. It is based on unconditional love and can be one of the most powerful self-care tools in your toolbox.

Reiki I gives you the foundations of the practice & trains you to access this healing energy for self-care. We will cover the roots of Reiki’s lineage and the basic hand positions. Additionally, you will be attuned into the practice, which is like an energetic initiation.

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