Qoya with Sarah Waylett | Sunday, April 16th 4pm-6pm
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Qoya with Sarah Waylett | Sunday, April 16th 4pm-6pm

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Welcome to Qoya!

Qoya is an incredible dance movement practice based on the simple idea that through movement, we remember. We remember that our physical essence is wise, wild, & free! Wise, wild, & free also draw reference to the movement forms we practice in Qoya, wise, the wisdom traditions of yoga, wild, the wild and creative expression of dance, & FREE, free to feel & revel in pleasure in the body through movement.

Qoya is a safe & sacred space for people who identify with feminine energy to drop into their bodies, to feel, to find the truth in their bodies, in a non-judgmental environment, filled with love, connection, & authenticity!  The beauty of Qoya is that you can't do it wrong! There are no levels, no intimidating fancy dance steps to learn, & every class has a new theme that speaks to the heart.

When we let go of having to "do it right", & instead move to find our truth, we can begin to follow our hearts, & our true north in all parts of our lives.  You can learn more at www.qoya.love

Every Qoya class has a theme & our theme for March is Root to Rise (celebrating the coming of Spring).


Class is on Sunday, April 16th from 4 – 6PM

Investment: $25

See you at Qoya!


About Qoya Teacher, Sarah Waylett:

Sarah is a recovering perfectionist & a serial burnout-overachiever. Over time to cope, she studied methods to manage her severe anxiety through yoga & Qoya dance movement. At the same time, she also began to apply the human-centered, design thinking methods she used to facilitate business problem solving to her personal questions. The more she practiced these evidence-based methods, the more they worked their magic as a catalyst for her as well as her teams & organizations! Sarah now shares her way of working to manage & recover from burnout with the world through her company, Dreamgarten.  She believes that when you guide people to find what’s inside themselves & encourage them to think about the human at the center of any problem, the creativity they bring to solving those problems is endless.