Pink Amethyst 'Chel'
Raven & Moon

Pink Amethyst 'Chel'

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| Peace | Clarity | Unconditional Love | Harmony |

Pink Amethyst offers all the protective & intuitive energies that regular Amethyst does, except Pink Amethyst kicks it up a notch with deeper heart healing & soothes a hurting heart. When you need a little relief from overwhelm and stress, reach for Pink Amethyst.

'IX Chel' is a Goddess in Mayan Culture & means Lady Rainbow. This Pink Amethyst Moon is named after this lunar goddess because she is the goddess of love, medicine & fertility (bringing all things to life - think careers, relationships, etc.). 

This hand-carved piece has swirls of lavender blues & blush pink with jasper gently wrapped at the top of the crescent. A stunning show piece & lovely addition to any collection.


Just under 2lbs & includes the metal stand

8.5"tall & 5" wide

Ethically & Intentionally Sourced in Brazil