Orca Agate
Orca Agate
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Orca Agate

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Communication | Self Connection | Forgiveness | Transformation

Orca Agate is a type of Chalcedony that is only found in Madagascar. This stone has unique colors of grey & blue with white spots, which mimics the patterns & colors of an Orca Whale, hence its name! 

Orca Agate is a great stone of transformation. It resonates with all chakras, but particularly with the throat & heart chakras.

It has pure & potent grounding energies help you stay truly connected to the earth. Its vibrational energies rejuvenate you both physically & spiritually. Orca Agate is a favorite of ours to meditate with for its soothing frequency.

This stone works well with those with a strong presence of Gemini in their astrological chart. 

Orca Agate is a great forgiveness stone. It works with deep internal emotional wounds & sends gentle energy to the heart chakra.