Labradorite 'Aurora' Free Form
Labradorite 'Aurora' Free Form
Labradorite 'Aurora' Free Form
Raven & Moon

Labradorite 'Aurora' Free Form

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| Guidance | Intuition | Wisdom | Protection |

Labradorite serves two very important functions; it protects & supports higher psychic insight. 

Labradorite is the stone of seeing. This magical stone allows us to see what is true & real. When we gain the wisdom to discern truth we are able to release untruths that hold us in toxic patterns & relationships.

'Aurora' will pique your curiosity & encourage you to explore the unknown. Because, not all things are exactly as they seem!

This piece is very high quality, featuring high-flash on the front & back. A show stopper for sure!

Ethically & Intentionally Sourced & Hand Picked for Raven & Moon

3.8 lbs

7" tall 4" wide 2.5" deep