Crystals 101: Selecting & Care DIGITAL DOWNLOAD
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Crystals 101: Selecting & Care DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

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Crystals have been treasured for their beauty & healing practices since ancient times. Each one is formed by the earth through different processes & can support the body in different ways.

Join Nichole Martini for an hour to begin your discovery with all crystals have to offer!

In this downloadable, virtual class, you will learn a bit about the scientific & metaphysical aspects of stones as well as how to choose & care for them. 

For digital download students, it is ideal for you to have a few crystals to work with prior to class. (Please check our Crystal Section for 'Crystals 101 Kit' to find the crystals suggested in this interactive workshop if you don't already have them in your collection.) 

In the download, there is a video class and a set of handouts for you to use during class. 

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