Amethyst Geode 'Noir'
Raven & Moon

Amethyst Geode 'Noir'

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| Strength | Transformation | Mental Clarity | Purification |

Looking for the perfect show stopper piece? Look no further

We affectionately named this piece 'Noir' as we got lost in its large crystal points as if we were visiting a vineyard in France & this piece really does look like a cluster of wine grapes!

Amethyst is naturally calming, soothing, grounding & protective, cleansing, balancing & magnifying. Phew!!! There's a reason why it is one of THE most popular crystals!

Your new piece of amethyst was hand selected for its magnificence, energetically & ethically sourced.

Place Amethyst in a place where everybody will benefit.

This gorgeous geode would look fab on your desk, bedside table or on any side table in your home or office!

Ethically & Intentionally Sourced from Uruguay


5" tall 5" wide 3" deep