Amethyst Geode 'Iris'
Amethyst Geode 'Iris'
Amethyst Geode 'Iris'
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Amethyst Geode 'Iris'

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| Strength | Transformation | Mental Clarity | Purification |

This unique piece of art will be a gorgeous addition to your collection!

Amethyst is naturally calming, soothing, grounding & protective, cleansing, balancing & magnifying. Phew!!! There's a reason why it is one of THE most popular crystals!

Amethyst 'Iris' was lovingly named because of its wavy appearance reminds us of 'Iris' flowers in a field, dancing in the summer breeze.

Your new piece of amethyst was hand selected for its magnificence, energetically & ethically sourced.

Place Amethyst in a place where everybody will benefit.

This cutie would look fab on your desk, bedside table or on any shelf in your home or office!


2.3 lbs

5.5" tall 3.75" wide 4.5" deep