Amethsyt Geode 'Remy'
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Amethsyt Geode 'Remy'

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| Strength | Transformation | Mental Clarity | Purification |

Say hello to 'Remy'! This Amethyst would make a unique addition to your collection!

We affectionately named this piece 'Remy' after the poet, Remy Belleau. In a poem, he invented a myth in which Bacchus (also known as the god of grapes, wine & of course, intoxication) was pursuing a maiden named Amethyste, who refused his affections. It is also believed to keep one from hangovers. While we aren't sure that is true, it won't hurt to keep some Amethyst around!

Amethyst is naturally calming, soothing, grounding & protective, cleansing, balancing & magnifying. Phew!!! There's a reason why it is one of THE most popular crystals!

Your new piece of amethyst was hand selected for its magnificence, energetically & ethically sourced.

Place Amethyst in a place where everybody will benefit.

This gorgeous geode would look fab on your desk, bedside table or on any side table in your home or office!

Ethically & Intentionally Sourced from Brazil

2.8 lbs

5" tall 4" wide 4" deep