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Raven & Moon Our Story




 Raven & Moon is a women-owned, intentional lifestyle shop that offers consciously created & curated goods in-store & online, plus Community Events, Learning Opportunities & one-on-one Private Sessions. Focusing on natural & ethically sourced crystals, mindfully made self-care products & handcrafted artisanal items. Each item at Raven & Moon has been carefully selected to inspire & transform the ritual of giving—both to others & to the self.

One of our core values is to offer consciously & energetically connected products because we believe that everyone can have access to gifts of the Earth knowing that great care was taken to ensure safe practices. Every crystal is hand selected by us from trusted & vetted sources. Before any crystal is offered, it is cleared & charged using a combination of methods including Reiki, Sound & Smoke. Our herbal offerings are sourced from organic Indigenous farms in the U.S.A. or ethically harvested by our in-house Herbalist. Our Home & Hearth products are selected for their beauty & craftsmanship, many of which are made by hand. 


 What started out as a collective in 2020 has evolved into what it is today. Raven & Moon outgrew the first location during the first 3 months of business, at which time, they expanded to a much larger location, only to have the world be put on pause for a global pandemic. Raven & Moon continued to grow, even when everyone was in survival mode as the need for support was greater than ever. After 2 years in a small town in Upstate New York, Raven & Moon found themselves being called to something greater, another expansion. In 2022, they uprooted, relocating to sunny South Carolina where they are today. 


 Raven & Moon is named after the two energies who founded it. Raven, a totem animal & connection to the Native American heritage of Melissa. Her deep love & reverence for the land, plants, the wild & for the amazing resilience & innate knowledge & connection of all things in the natural world.

 Moon, named after Nichole with the connection to higher source, inner strength, pathways from light to dark & back again, the understanding of the cycles beginning to end, & the journeys that the moon's energy inspires.


 The desire to create a welcoming, accessible, & inclusive experience for those looking to explore their path, Raven & Moon is committed to continually create a space filled with inspiration, goods to nurture, elevate, spread love & light to our community & raise the vibration of the collective as a whole.